Teenagers are seeking a space to learn, develop and evolve all while maintaining their French roots.

Teens that register with our “Centre d’orientation des adolescents”, accept that French is our preferred language of communication during all our daily activities.

Language of communication: French!

The Teen Center Team

Manager of the Teenage Guidance Centre

Marie-Ève P. Stroesser

Employment Counsellor

Deanna Neveu

Physical Activity Planner & Tutor

Ahmed Abou El-Hassan


Adam Hassoun


Kerry Menelas


Daniella Skaf


Shama Rughooputh

Golden Rules

  1. To attend a French-speaking environment
  2. To receive quality service and mentoring
  3. To make decisions that will assist them in their future
  4. To participate in a program that promotes individual and collective well-being
  5. To receive respect from their peers as well as the staff
  6. To maintain a clean and healthy environment
  7. To voice their concerns with the center’s manager if one of their rights is violated

  1. To exercise self-discipline
  2. To take responsibilities for their actions and disciplinary measures that could take effect
  3. To engage and fully participate in the programs offered
  4. To show respect towards their peers as well as the staff
  5. To maintain a clean and healthy environment
  6. To respect the center’s materials and equipment
  7. To always maintain a French-speaking environment in the center

At all times, it is forbidden:

  • To be disrespectful
  • To act in an unexemplary manner
  • To use coarse language
  • To bicker of fight
  • To cause harm to another participant (physical or emotional)
  • To carry or use any drugs or alcohol
  • To smoke or vape
  • To steal
  • To be engaged in dangerous activity

Teenage Guidance Centre

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The main objective of the CCFWEK is to work for the gathering, promotion, development and growth of all Francophone and Francophile organizations in the Windsor-Essex-Kent region.



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